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Definition brings things into being — gives them shape and form and separates them from the raw chaos of the undifferentiated and undefined. 

Fire in the Dark gestured at a new, syncretic culture of manly idealism assembled from our Hliðskjálfum — our high seats — from which we can look out upon all of known human history and assess it and recognize patterns and synthesize it into a forward-facing culture for men of the future. 

But that was only a gesture, a quick scribble to describe motion, mood, position, and form. More work must be done to transform the gesture into a sketch, the sketch into a drawing, the drawing into a painting, and the painting into a masterpiece. 

The answer to Nietzsche’s question, “What festivals, what sacred games shall we have to devise?” has just been asked and has yet to be answered. There is much to do! 

So, for several months now, I have been speaking amongst friends — my Bulls! — about solar idealism and the solar culture it demands. It has become clear that to bring solar culture into being, we must better describe what it is. And when we have said what solar culture is, then we shall also know what it is not.


Solar Culture looks first to the sun and the sun’s dynamic, controlled fire for its inspiration. 

Solar Culture idealizes the sun as a source of light that makes knowledge and reason possible, that makes distinction and differentiation and order possible. 

Solar Culture idealizes the sun as a source of gravity that pulls things into His orbit, and as a source of warmth and nourishing light that cause all within His circle to flourish. The Sun is leadership, and the symbol of fathers and kings beyond fathers and kings. 

Solar Culture acknowledges man as an animal of flesh and bone, the most conscious of many creatures under the Sun who benefit from His light. 

Solar Culture is inspired by the primal, archetypal past and the myths and aesthetic elements from historical cultures. The challenge of Solar culture is to remix the primal, mythic past and synthesize it into a vision of the future. Solar culture is forward-thinking and future-primitive. 

Solar Culture aims to synthesize the myriad manifestations of the masculine archetypes identified as The Father, The Striker, and the Lord of the Earth, elucidate their aspects, natures, and domains, and invoke them via every available media. 

Solar Culture recognizes the power of individual and group rituals for the human animal and intends to articulate new ritual architectures that direct the emotions and unconscious realities of man toward his highest potential.

Solar Culture aims to breathe new life into old myths and archetypes by recreating them with living hands and eyes and making them relevant again to new and future generations. 

Solar Culture explores themes of light over darkness, order over chaos, truth over falsehood, health and vitality over sickness, beauty over ugliness, strength over weakness, courage over fear, competence over incompetence, fortitude over fragility, emotional control over hysteria, and self-determination over servility. 

Solar Culture reveres and cherishes the feminine insofar as it is faithful to, aligned with, and supportive of Solar Order.

Young men are lured to cultures and aesthetics of darkness because they know instinctively that it is part of their role as men to encounter darkness, and it is their encounter with darkness that will define them — as we know all heroes in relationship to the names of the dragons they have slain. But, in seeking the darkness that defines the light, men must be reminded that their role is to overcome darkness and not allow it to overcome them.

Aesthetically, Solar Culture aims to uplift. Solar Culture is characterized by a dynamic gravitas, by brightness and action, by nobility and virility. 

When Solar Culture explores darkness, chaos, and anti-virtue, it does so in the context of identifying its opposite. Render the dragon of negation as a formidable opponent, but a dragon to be controlled and battled against — never worshipped or glorified. Solar Culture does not luxuriate in the abyss. 

Solar Culture is not meant to criticize — it is not an argument. Solar culture is the positive act of creation that follows a constellation of conclusions.

In the unfinished and abstract, Solar Culture aims to communicate action, integration, and coming into being rather than disintegration, collapse, disease, and decay. 

All desolation is a stage for becoming. 

As we encounter new and unforeseen aspects of darkness, new dimensions and boundaries of Solar Culture will be revealed. 

This manifesto is meant only to begin the conflagration of creativity, to ignite a movement — as an Order of Fire emerges from the darkness.





It must be noted, to avoid confusion, that Solar Culture is not a Christian movement—first and foremost because Christianity is an archipelago of existing forms. Christianity is viewed as a separate, self-contained, and sometimes parallel world with its own (Biblical) conceptual axis. If there is a Solar Christianity, then it is that and should be designated as such — as an aspect of an existing form, not something new.