What is Solar Culture? Read the manifesto…


PH2T3R is our code for the Father god-archetype. It is used for some collaborative creative projects , in addition to being the name of our podcast and printed journal. 

PH2T3R is currently a weekly live show on YouTube. We go live at 7PM PST every Thursday night. 

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Volume 01 of the printed Journal includes foundational texts, such as Donovan’s “The Manifesto of Solar Culture and “Name of the Dragon is Negation.” Donovan also contributed three new essays, written exclusively for this publication, including “Apollo’s Broken Mask” and an Afterword that addresses the threat of transhumanism to masculinity and humanity and aims, “Toward A Human Future.”

C.B. Robertson, author of The Hero and the Man, engaged in an adventurous exploration of solar philosophy for this edition of the Journal, titled “Descending Odin’s Throne: Enlightenment, Postmodernism, and Solar Phenomenology as a Groundwork for Meaning.”

The Journal also includes the work of many other members of the Order – such as Ed Hamann’s treatise on ghee, inspiring essays for young men, a record of attempts to make Sumerian beer, Vic Verdier’s thoughts on Solar Idealism as it relates to architecture, and more.

Readers will also find a selection of solar poetry written by our members, including some solar wedding vows and song lyrics written by Paul Begadon, author of The Layman’s Havamal.