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Invocation of the Storm

Jack Donovan performing ritual

Jack Donovan told a mythic story about The Father calling down the gods of the storm — his Strikers — to drive back the darkness and nihilism of the Dragon, Negation. 

Invocation is an original Order of Fire collaboration between Jack Donovan (USA) and Fredrik Hedjenberg of Temple Trible (Sweden), who produced the epic soundtrack to realize Donovan’s vision. 

Invocation was inspired by the ideas in Fire in the Dark, and riffs on lines from Rig Veda — especially lines about the storm gods known as Maruts. However, the end product is syncretic — invoking the sun, referencing Sol Invictus, and tracking the god-archetype of The Father across the sky as he observes what is good. 

“But then…”

The Dragon known as Negation, who represents death and non-differentiation, appears, and The Father “pull the clouds across the sky to shield the heavens from his fury” and calls in his warriors to do battle against the dragon.

He reminds his Bulls — and the men who are listening — that we are alive now and no matter what the future holds, NOW is our time to burn like the sun!

Read more about the Dragon of Negation on this site. 

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