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Fall Equinox 2023 – Nevada

Order of Fire Fire Ritual

The Order of Fire Autumn Equinox event of 2023 was our first large-scale event and provided an opportunity for members from around the U.S. to meet in person for the first time, as well as a chance for guys who already know each other to meet again. The event took place in Las Vegas, with members driving and flying in from places such as California, Washington state, various places on the East Coast, and the greater Southwest, to name a few.

Group Shot of The First Men of The Order of Fire

We started by visiting the famous Dragon’s Lair gym to work out. Then, in the early evening, we all got together for dinner and to walk the old strip. It’s a wild scene and a lot of fun.

The following morning, we packed up supplies and drove out to the chosen place for our fire ritual and other scheduled events. The designated site was in the desert on BLM land and a little over an hour outside of Vegas. The spot was perfect. Big desert sky with rock formations of different sizes and color shades, many adorned with petroglyphs left by men in some distant past.

We set up camp, put up tents, and then joined C.B. Robertson for a walking philosophical lecture on the topic of Solar Phenomenology. It was thought-provoking and a highlight of the event. 

This lecture eventually became the essay “Descending Odin’s Throne,” published in PH2t3R 01

After lunch, we gathered for a unique rock-throwing workshop with self-defense and fitness instructor, Vic Verdier. The focus was on mobility and reflexes. We split up into groups of two and three and threw large rocks back and forth in different ways and from different angles. It was a hardcore way to play catch. It seemed simple at the outset, but it was challenging, humbling, and fun.

By now the golden hour was approaching and it was time to prepare for ritual. We made our torches and built the fire altar and as the Sun descended in the sky, we performed our fire ritual. This was followed by the Holy Round- a toast where each man speaks his mind – imbibing the Sumerian beer made by our member, Mark.

After ritual we grilled meats and had drinks along with excellent conversation. The desert night sky with full view of the Milky Way was awe-inspiring.

First thing the next morning we attended another workshop with Vic, this time focusing on expanding awareness and peripheral vision. We packed and cleaned things up then a podcast on the topic of goodness was recorded featuring discussion between Jack, C.B. Robertson and one of our Florida guys, Dustin.

We then drove to the Valley of Fire, an otherworldly landscape of red rocks reaching to sky. It’s a place I had always wanted to visit and achieving that in the company of fellow members of the Order of Fire was a peak experience. Here, I gave a walking lecture on Rig Veda with an introduction to its primary gods and themes and diving into its aspect of masculine imagination, creativity, and aspiration.

Once back in Vegas we met up on the strip for an indulgent dinner at one of those great steakhouses and then spent evening walking, talking, taking in the sights, and simply enjoy the vibe.

– Event record written by Ed Hamann.

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