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Summer Solstice Poetry Contest 2024


The Order of Fire’s First Men group has been running an internal poetry contest.

The most recent theme was “Summer Solstice,” and the two winning poems were “Revive” and “Under the Glory.”

Our members vote for the winners, but all of the poems will be included in Volume 02 of PH2T3R: The Journal of Solar Culture

You can purchase Volume 01 via this Amazon affiliate link, or buy a copy signed by Jack Donovan from our store. 

"Under The Glory" - Theo

Under the Sun’s radiant glory, I recall,
I came down to burn bright, never to stall
And so I breathe, I rise and soar,
Slowly wisdom in whispers pour.

Father that crowns the azure sea, 
May I mirror your majesty
May I nourish your sacred flame,
My might and hope in this world’s game.
Where twilight meets the dawn’s first gleam, 
Few braves still guard the solar dream.

New men of old, they stand,
Oathed to the Father’s only command.
Rise, man of the Sun! Stand tall and bright,
You bear a weight given to few,
This realm’s order relies on you,
On your heightened silence and stormy light.

Rejoice, Brother! For I see the old way awaken
Omens are here, gods have spoken
A tribe of fire shall bond once more
A golden age relit within man’s core.

"Revive" - Dan

Block out the noise and clear your mind.
Leave the modern world behind.

Face the eastern sky, embrace dawns early light.
More time for thought.
More time for action.
Solar waves engulf and revive.

The sun — our wheel, our guiding star
Giving us purpose and clarity from afar.
Lessons we learned from a thousand years ago
Having deeper meaning, becoming status quo.
Man cannot thrive without hardship and strife
so we must challenge ourselves throughout life.
Virtues and Myths our ancestors told became 
the foundation for the brothers in gold. 

The first men keep the fire burning bright.
Primal and ancient, our weapon against the night.

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