The Order of Fire is a Movement

The Order of Fire is a movement dedicated to the pursuit of masculine virtue in mind and body. 

Born into a chaotic world, as men we strive to create Order in our lives and in the world around us.

The Fire represents our Solar, orienting point of light – the fiery axis of that Order. 

From a starting point beyond any one people or religion, we use the unprecedented access to information that man has today to evaluate ideas, symbols, and traditions from the past and integrate them into our own unique system. 

Our god-archetypes are not literal gods – but ideals that represent the best aspects of man and his different roles. The ordering Father is the father beyond all fathers, kings, and high priests. The Striker represents all warriors and heroes across time and culture. The Lord of the Earth represents the aspect of man that works to perpetuate Order in everyday life – the builder, the farmer, the craftsman and family man. 

Any man who understands and agrees with our ideas – as outlined in The Manifesto of Solar Culture and the book Fire in the Dark – is encouraged to identify as a Solar Idealist and share these ideas with other men who might benefit from them. 

We consider you part of the Order of Fire’s “Greater Mandala” – which essentially means “world.” 

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The First Men is our Inner Circle

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